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We sincerely invite you to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Częstochowa University of Technology.

We educate students in two directions:

- Construction;
- Construction with the use of BIM technology (the only one in Poland);
and in four specialties:
- construction and engineering constructions;
- technology, organization and management in construction;
- architecture in construction;
- construction and maintenance of roads.

You can start your education at:
Full-time studies:
- first-cycle (engineering) studies - seven-semester;
- second-cycle (master's) studies - three-semester (recruitment January / February);
Part-time studies:
- first-cycle (engineering) studies - eight-semester;
- second-cycle (Master's) studies - four-semester.

The Częstochowa University of Technology is an important scientific center, educating engineers, cooperating with many institutions and industry in the country and abroad. The engineering faculties at the Czestochowa University of Technology are accredited by the Federation of National Engineering Associations FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Assurance) in Brussels, which means that after graduation, graduates can obtain the title of European engineer. The university has an excellent didactic base and student infrastructure, modern laboratories, lecture halls, the Main Library and faculty libraries. In the center of the academic town there are modernly equipped student houses with full internet access as well as numerous food and beverage outlets where you can eat well and cheaply. A thriving student self-government of the Faculty of Civil Engineering provides help and advice in solving different difficulties and problems related to studies. The students from abroad who are currently studying at the Faculty are eager to look after their younger colleagues.

Professional interests will help to develop scientific circles: SC of Architecture, BIM, ECO Building, ERASMUS, PZiTB and INVENIT within the framework of which you can acquire professional experience while carrying out projects or construction expertise. Students also have the opportunity to participate in numerous competitions bringing them closer to their professional work, seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences, trade fairs, construction sites and industrial plants.

A wide range of cultural events and events will make the studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Częstochowa University of Technology not only the time of gaining knowledge, but also good fun. There are numerous cultural, sports and entertainment events organized for students. Each week ESNErasmus Student Network prepares, among others, theme nights, trips, Polish language courses and competitions. Permanent events are Juwenalia, Student Cultural Autumn or Sport Days. Academic Center of Culture offers classes in ballroom dancing, theater, art and sports. There is also Rumcajs Film Discussion Club that functions at the Center. The Czestochowa Song and Dance Ensemble cooperates with the Czestochowa University of Technology and invites students who want to develop their dancing skills. In student clubs, regular events take place: concerts, festivals, cabaret nights as well as artistic and photographic exhibitions or paintings. The School of Physical Education and Sport organizes sports and recreation events such as: ski camps, tourist, mountain and bicycle rallies, and offers participation in numerous sports activities, including sailing, nordic walking, fitness classes (ABT, TBC, fit-ball, aerobics), volleyball, football, table tennis, aikido, gym, chi-kung, or functional training.